A boilerplate project for running a Python script in a Docker container using crontab. Including email alerts.

Python is really handy if you want to automate any mundane task you have to do on a regular basis. For example checking if there is an update on any given website, or always book a reservation for a meeting room as soon as possible.

All of these task have something in common. You want to schedule them and once they run you want to have as little maintenance as possible.

A Docker container using crontab is the perfect solution for this. …

In todays world every major corporation has transformed most of their daily operations into paperless processes or is in the middle of doing so.

While this sounds great at first (and is - if done right) many new challenges arise that most department within the organization are not equipped to handle. This results in hundreds of working hours being spent copying data from one Excel sheet to another.

Even worse, many decisions from junior accountant to CEO will be made purely based on formulas some guy that doesn’t even work here anymore set up a few years ago and that…

Nils Schröder

Computer science student and certified shipping agent

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